We partner with local church and community leaders to meet the needs of the hurting in their communities.  Below is more information on our global partnerships and the impact being made around the world.


Located in the heart of South-East Asia, Cambodia is a Buddhist country with more than 15 million people. Living conditions can be challenging, with the impacts often being felt by its most vulnerable citizens: children. 45% of all children suffer from malnutrition; 36% of all children between the age of 5 and 17 work as child labor; 25% of all children don’t finish primary school; only 4% of all children have learning materials at home. Cambodia is still recovering from its recent history of war and genocide. Because of this, trauma, lack of education, human trafficking, corruption and abuse are daily occurrences. The situation seems hopeless.

Many would see the various needs of this nation as mountains too insurmountable to climb, challenges too complex to tackle, and problems too difficult to face head on.  Instead, Pastors ND and Sophal Strupler chose to do something heroic.  They chose to see beyond the stats to see real people in real need.  With an unrelenting love for the people of Cambodia, and an unyielding call to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, in the fall of 2014 the Strupler’s planted ICF Cambodia Church in the Siem Reap.

Jesus said the world would know we are truly His disciples by our love. And it is the love of Jesus Christ that is transforming the city of Siem Reap!

Since the launch of ICF Cambodia in 2014, over 240 people have been water baptized, 400 children attend the children’s ministry, 360 attend the youth ministry, and 160 adults attend weekly services. Committed to meeting the needs in the city, the church has begun a feeding program providing over 5,000 meals a month to children and families in need. They’ve also launched ICF Kids Sponsorship impacting 206 families and providing access to education, health care, sports, and social activities for 400 children to inspire hope, raise aspirations, and equip the next generation of Cambodians to make a difference in their country.

We believe in the work of ICF Cambodia, and have committed to monthly support this local church committed to meeting the needs of the people of Siem Reap, and making Jesus known in this part of the world!

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September 2015, Liberty Foundation Founder Paul Andrew and Liberty Foundation Board Member Bob Green traveled to Honduras with Children’s Cup President Ben Rodgers. There was something familiar about downtown Tegucigalpa, the city squares and Parque Central teem with people. Yet there is a noticeable absence of life-giving churches that see people the way that Jesus sees them. Throughout the city’s 400-year history, the still prevalent Catholic roots have become distanced from the daily reality of the urban poor. Drug and gang violence have raised Honduras’ murder rate to the highest in the world. And many families, mostly migrant workers, live in ramshackle barrios on the cliffs surrounding the city, their homes susceptible to torrential rains and mudslides.

Daniel and Lorena Dyer are missionaries and pastors with a dream of caring for children and families in Honduras. They have already established ministries in 9 of the 23 prison systems in the country, reconciling prison inmates to God and guiding them to the experience of true freedom. In a region where one in four Honduran children is chronically malnourished, the Dyers have established Children’s Cup CarePoint in Tegucigalpa.

Soon after Paul and Bob’s trip to Honduras, Liberty Foundation began partnering with Children’s Cup and Pastors Daniel and Lorena Dyer to provide care and support for some of the most impoverished families and at-risk children in Honduras.  We have sent a 40-foot container of food for distribution at the CarePoint, where 150 at-risk children are given meals before and after school. The CarePoint is run by Honduran volunteers, resilient and resourceful people who joyfully serve their community.

We also partner with Children’s Cup to ensure these children receive a bright future through sponsorship that provides ongoing nutrition, education, and medical and spiritual care to each child.  And in 2016, we were able to provide the necessary funding to expand the Children’s Cup staff to further support the growing needs within the Care Point.  In addition, we provided funding to expand the Care Point to include a tutoring space and computer stations for children to complete their school work in a safe and caring environment. 

Last year we sent a team from Liberty Church to serve on the ground with Pastor Daniel and Lorena Dyer and Children’s Cup volunteers.  We were able to build a wall for the Care Point, providing additional room and space for the children.  We were also able to partner with Pastor Daniel and Lorena’s church members to care for the people of downtown Tegucigalpa and visit with inmates through their prison ministry.  We continue to send needed supplies to provide excellent care to the children and families at the Care Point.  This March, we will be sending another team from Liberty Church to continue to serve on the ground to bring lasting change to the people of Tegucigalpa. 

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Our partnership with Biju Thampy and Vision Rescue first began in 2014 after Liberty Foundation Founder Paul Andrew had the privilege of traveling to Mumbai and seeing firsthand the incredible work they are doing.

Part of a larger network of more than 3,000 churches planted across India, Biju’s passion for the hurting has led him to establish an inspiring array of ministries in Mumbai and beyond. From buses that feed and educate children in the slums to mobile medical and drug rehabilitation services, from combating human trafficking to fighting malnutrition with innovative solutions, the scale and breadth of their work is truly incredible.

Since our passion is to help plant churches in cities that transform their communities, Liberty Foundation began initially supporting a church planting program called The Bridge, based in Kolkata, that is overseen by Biju’s brother and fellow pastor Binu Thampy. This program trains a hand-picked cadre of the more than 100 seminary students they equip each year. The Bridge program trains and resources this group of future leaders for church planting.

Liberty Foundation funds the operational costs of The Bridge, and last year financially provided the funding to expand their staff.  We also began a scholarship fund for graduating students of The Bridge Institute, providing necessary resources for exceptional students to receive the support they need to church plant in major cities in India and beyond.  Our first scholarship was awarded to Jigmi Lepcha who along with his wife and young children has successfully planted a life-giving church in Tadong, Gangtok reaching college students in this region with the Gospel message.

Last October, we were able to send a team from Liberty Church to partner with both Vision Rescue and The Bridge Institute.  We were able to serve children in the slums of Mumbai and Kolkata, and hosted a Leadership Conference at The Bridge Institute for church planters and pastors throughout the region. We’re excited to continue our partnership and to invest in church planters as they prepare to plant in towns and cities to reach India’s 1.3 billion souls.

Let’s pray for a harvest of souls as we continue to partner together in India in even greater ways in the days ahead.

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In 2015, Pastor Mushtaq Anjum launched Generation Worship Center, a vibrant new church in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan. We were so inspired by Pastor Mushtaq’s vision to establish a life-giving church in the second largest city on earth, and in a largely Muslim nation, that we contributed financially to their launch budget through Liberty Foundation.

After their successful launch, the work of building a sustainable church community has gotten underway in earnest. The stories coming out of this pioneering work are truly incredible, reaching people with the love of Jesus Christ and meeting needs within the city. 

Pastor Mushtaq has been actively gathering, training and investing in church leaders, pastors and church planters throughout Pakistan and South East Asia, planting new churches and extending the reach of the Gospel. 

Last year, we extended our partnership to include the work of Shama Women, founded by Pastor Mushtaq’s wife Kanwel.  Shama Women seeks to engage and equip at-risk women in Pakistan and beyond through vocational and biblical training to experience freedom that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Shama Women has trained more than 400 women over the past 10 years. 

The need to support the work of church and community leaders in Southeast Asia is great.  The Gospel in this part of the world is, more often than not, met with resistance and persecution.   We are thankful for our partnership with Pastors Mushtaq and Kanwel, for their bold commitment to making Jesus known, and we believe that many more churches will be planted, cities reached and lives forever changed in Pakistan as we generously sow into the work being done in Karachi and beyond!

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In 2014 Liberty Church sent their first missionaries, Gethin & Bex Amoss, to eSwatini (Swaziland) to work with Children's Cup amongst some of the poorest of the poor. Children's Cup has decades of experience and Liberty Foundation has developed a strong partnership with them in Southern Africa, and more recently in Honduras.

In addition to supporting missionaries on the ground, in 2015, Liberty Foundation successfully funded a Pilot Program for Children with Disabilities called Guguletfu meaning "treasured ones" in siSwati.  We also began partnering with Children’s Cup through child sponsorship, ensuring children receive a bright future and providing them with ongoing nutrition, education, and medical and spiritual care. 

In 2016, our roots in eSwatini grew even deeper with the opening of our Liberty Community Centre in the heart of downtown Manzini.  The Community Centre reaches and cares for those in the neighborhood by offering afterschool tutoring to students in danger of quitting school and not receiving a proper education.  The Community Centre also provides music and dance lessons, youth support groups, adult life skills training, and Family Fun Days for the community.  Since it’s doors have opened, the Community Centre led by our local Liberty Foundation leaders, Lungile and Zinty Ncube, now has over 600 children and youth actively engaged in one or more of our Community Centre programs! And now, over 40 local volunteers are now a part of the Liberty Community Centre team, providing tutoring, training, mentorship, and support to the people of Manzini. 

In May 2017, we launched Liberty Church Manzini. The past year this vibrant community has seen many salvations and changed lives. We are committed to seeing the gospel transform this city one life, one family, one neighborhood at a time.  Thank you for your generous giving; it truly is bringing lasting change in eSwatini! 

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