We provide relief to those affected by natural disasters or in need of humanitarian aid. In 2016, we were able to partner with local churches and various organizations to respond to various humanitarian crises and natural disasters. And this year, in partnership with Convoy of Hope and other first response missions organizations, we now provide monthly support to those most affected by these crises, providing immediate care to those in need around the world. 

Hurricane Matthew

In response to this natural disaster that left widespread devastation and took the lives of more than 1,000 in Haiti, we were able to support the work of Convoy of Hope. Convoy of Hope workers were among the first on the scene and were able to distribute much-needed emergency supplies as soon as the storm passed.  During this time nearly 12 million meals were loaded and shipped to children and families in need. 


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Louisiana Flooding

And, in response to the devastating floods taking place in Louisiana last year, we were able to send support to the Bethany House Relief Fund, that s served over 115,000 hot meals, supplied 39,000 care packages to those displaced, and began repairs and rebuilding for 200 homes and 12 churches.


Syrian Refugee Crisis

The war in Syria paved the way for the worst refugee crisis since WWII, affecting over 12 million people. When refugees flee Syria, they travel for days with limited access to showers, drinking water, or any form of shelter before arriving in Greece. Between transfer points and border crossings, Syrian refugees are exhausted, dehydrated, and vulnerable. These lives are at high risk of being trafficked due to their desperate situation.  In partnership with A21 Campaign, we were able to financially support the conversion of shipping containers into portable water stations where refugees could stay hydrated, wash their clothes, and shower. These sites were a haven where people could find safety and restore hope to continue on their journey.


War Torn Aleppo

In response to the crisis in Aleppo, Syria, we were able to donate to the emergency relief efforts of Preemptive Love on the ground. They provided food and care for 20,000 people a day fleeing Aleppo. They continue to provide life saving operations for children affected by war torn Syria; provide emergency relief for families in war torn Syria; provide empowering grants for small businesses for war victims; engage Syrian communities in peacemaking dialogues; and provide counsel for policymakers in governments including the US, England and Baghdad.



In response to the chemical attacks in Syria, we were once again able to donate to the emergency relief efforts of Preemptive Love. They are currently caring for victims of this attack—to provide things like medical care and help for families who were evacuated. Preemptive Love is giving needed food to sustain those affected while they recover from injuries, tend to their children, and cope with being displaced by the attack. They are also receiving supplies to clean up the chemical residue and safely remove the toxins from their homes. The many refugees in the area desperately need food and help meeting their basic needs.  Preemptive Love is providing resources to make sure their needs are met in this war-torn part of our world.

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